Hu Yuhai Meets with Aziz Mekouar,the Ambassador of Morocco to China

Release time£º2019-07-10      Dotnum£º1

On the afternoon of July 9, Chairman Hu Yuhai met with Aziz Mekouar, the Ambassador of Morocco to China, in Beijing. The two sides hadin-depth exchangesregarding strengthening communication and cooperation.



Hu Yuhai once again extended his warm welcome to Ambassador Aziz Mekouar and then introduced the latest developments of State Grid and SGID, the management concept of overseas investments, andSGID¡¯scurrent and ongoing cooperation opportunities in Morocco¡¯s power sector. As Hu Yuhai said, Morocco has a unique geographical location and an excellent investment environment, which are in line with the long-term investment direction of State Grid. It is an important investment destination that SGID follows closely.State Grid has leading technological advantages in the operation of large-scale power grids, submarine transmission interconnection projects, and renewables integration. It is expected that the two sides will closely cooperate in the future.


Ambassador Aziz Mekouar said that State Grid¡¯s achievements in recent years are very impressive. Morocco is actively responding to the Belt and RoadInitiative and Chinese companies are welcome to invest in Morocco. At present, Morocco is actively developing renewables markets. Relevant companies in Morocco are looking forward to having extensive cooperation with State Grid. There is enormous potential for future cooperation between the two parties.


Afterwards, the two sides discussed and exchanged views regarding cooperation opportunities such as M&A, greenfield projects and technical exchanges in the power transmission and distribution sector. Liang Chengzhong, SGID¡¯s AssistantPresident, together with concernedpersonnel of the Dept. of Business Development & Strategy and the Dept. of Business Development attended the meeting.