State Grid ¡°Brighten-Up¡± Project Completed and Handed Over in the Philippines

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On the morning of June 27, the completion and handover ceremony of State Grid¡¯s "Brighten-up" project was held at San Marcelino City, Zambales, the Philippines. As the first major corporate social responsibility (CSR) project carried out by a Chinese enterprise in the Philippines, the project is set to bring light to more than 1,000 people off the grid in remote mountainous areas of the northern Philippines. Jiang Jianjun , Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, Benito L. Ranque , Under Secretary of the Philippine Department of Energy, Edgardo R. Masongsong, Administrator of the Philippine National Electrification Administration, Zhu Guangchao, Deputy Chief Engineer and Director General of International Cooperation Department of State Grid, Wang Zijian, Executive Vice President of SGID, the Mayor of San Marcelino, people in charge of the local electricity cooperative, local villagers as well as teachers and students from two local primary schools, totaling more than 800 people, participated in the ceremony.

The "Brighten-up" project, located in two villages of Baliwet and Old Baliwet in Zambales, Luzon Island, consists of two photovoltaic micro-grid systems built by State Grid, which realizes centralized power supply and meets the electricity demand of local households. With a power generation capacity of 76kW and battery storage capacity of 432kWh, the project stands to benefit more than 1,000 local people, including 108 students across two primary schools.

Organized by SGID and State Grid Philippine Office, and constructed by Nari Group, the project began on January 24 this year, and was completed and handed over to the local electricity cooperative on June 27. The "Brighten-up" project adheres to the idea of "brightening lives for a shared future " and mutual benefit promoted by the Belt and Road Initiative, strives for sustainable development of the region with clean and green energy, and enhances the common development of China and the Philippines for a better future.

Jiang Jianjun said that the "Brighten-up" project of State Grid stands for interconnectivity among people and friendship between China and the Philippines. Benito L. Ranque thanked State Grid for building photovoltaic facilities for the most remote residents of the Philippines, which illuminates the lives and hopes of the Aeta people, an indigenous minority in the Philippines. Zhu Guangchao said that the "Brighten-up" project is an important practice of State Grid in pursuing the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as its promotion of ¡°people-to-people bond¡±, wishing that the project can bring light and hope to the local residents.

Relevant leaders from State Grid International Development Co., Ltd. and State Grid Philippine Office attended the ceremony.

Sources: State Grid International Department, State Grid International Development Co., Ltd.